I met Pieter Jan Hildering for the first time in an evening of August 2002 in Amsterdam, at "Café Twee Klaveren , De Clerqstraat".I was just coming back from Yakutsk -Republic of Yakutia (Russian Federation) where I took part in the "Challenge Mondial de Jeu de dames" from which, after a great performance in the tournament , I received the Title of International Grandmaster-Draughts. I came in The Netherlands to participate in the Bijlmer international top draughts tournament in Amsterdam ZuidOost.
I was just a fresh young title African champion (2000) who wanted to discover the draughts top level & stars by playing the Dutch clubs competition. My appointment with Pieter was unexpected, but fortunate, arranged by Jaap Van Galen & Hein Van Dee from Den Haag draughts club. During the meeting, I discovered a very kind and gentle man. At the end of our meeting, I was simply impressed and convinced by Pieter who suggested me to play draughts in a professional way. Immediately, he was ready to do his part to support me in succeeding in my new enterprise.
Since then, Pieter gave me the opportunity and privilege to join the 1st team of Hiltex and to get to know him better as a human being.

My cooperation and relation with Pieter became closer over months and years. I can really explain it in details, because Pieter used to say that I was too lucky. Indeed, I can confirm that I was very lucky by meeting him. There are things in life you cannot explain.
During years and years (for more than 15 years) Pieter adopted me as his adoptive son-in-law. Pieter was everything to me: A father, a godfather, a sponsor, an elder, a friend and a confident. We developed a relationship broader than draughts. Because Pieter gave me his support to a bigger extend than I could reasonably expect. In French they have a saying: " give to Cesar what belongs to Cesar".
Throughout my testimony, I just want to confess and to express to Pieter's memory , to his close family, draughts friends, friends, business partners and his relatives my very deep sincere acknowledgement, gratitude; and vivid thanks from the very deep of my heart.

Pieter was one of  a kind, an understanding and as nice a man I never ever met in my whole life. Because of his support, I was able to achieve some main goals in my international draughts career as well as in my private life. For instance, I remember that in February 2011, when my biologic father passed away, Pieter was always close to me for assistance and to take in charge my transport costs for burial of my late father.
As he used to support me in various situations, he was just a caring godfather to me. Knowing when and how to say "yes" or "no'" firmly. He was a great manager and a gentle citizen of the world.

Pieter’s actions, sponsoring and support in favour of draughts are just wonderful and memorable over years and years. His positive actions and influence in world of draughts management became most apparent to me when he was executive vice-president of FMJD. He was always ready to help, to support African federations with draughts materials and as sponsor of some individual players. In short, my godfather Pieter was a great man, a philanthropic human being.There is no exact and enough word to qualify is goodness and his sociability in life among peoples.

I also remember that his support to me was with the blessing of his nice wife Mrs. Miranda Hildering whom I never meet personally ( unfortunately!) but who used to  answer warmly to my calls at home any time of the day when I wanted to speak to Pieter. I could easily recognize her voice all the time, and I am sure she will recognise mine as well. Once I had an important appointment with Pieter at Café Twee Klaveren in Amsterdam in the evening where we usually meet, and seeing the time running,  I called at home to be sure: and Miranda answered softly:" Pieter his on his to meet you".
For all the caring, support and the goodness, my sincere deep thanks , acknowledgement and warm regards, combined with my vivid very deep condolences to Miranda, and their son & daughters.

I cannot forget personal secretary of Pieter Nikki, Pieter's brother one of the staff members of Hiltex company, who all know me over there. I am joining all of them to share this sad moments and to ask to never forget Pieter. It is a big loss  to us all.

Pieter we will miss you all, and you will remain in my heart forever.  With all respect and gratitude, may your Soul rest in peace.

Forever Pieter! I will miss you so much.

I would had really like to attend personally and physically the burial ceremony to say these words with some emotions: "Goodbye forever Pieter". But you will always lie in my soul and heart. Unfortunately, I am very far away, in Cameroon at the moment, but very close to all of you by my Soul and heart.

Jean Marc Ndjofang /-. From Yaoundé -Cameroon.